The Barbary Mark

After a shipwreck, Nonie Rafferty washes up on the shore of Algiers, where the slave traders look to sell the pretty Irishwoman—or worse. She must come up with a tale to save herself—and fast—before anyone discovers the true reason she sailed to this misbegotten corner of the world, or the true reason she was wearing a priceless strand of pearls, when she was rescued. Fortunately, the Dey’s mysterious necromancer appears willing to come to her aid, and what follows is a cat-and-mouse game of deception, attraction, and above all, redemption.

Murder In Misdirection

Doyle lifted her face for Acton's kiss, and noted that he seemed in good spirits, which apparently came from masterminding some scheme that may-or-may-not involve arson, blood money, and the ducks of St Petersburg.

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